Nassau County Tampering With Evidence Lawyer

S 215.35  Tampering with physical evidence; definitions of terms.
  The following definitions are applicable to section 215.40:
  1. "Physical evidence" means any article, object, document, record or
other thing of physical substance which is or is about to be produced or
used as evidence in an official proceeding.
  2. "Official proceeding" means any action or proceeding conducted by
or before a legally constituted judicial, legislative, administrative or
other governmental agency or official, in which evidence may properly be

S 215.40  Tampering with physical evidence.
  A person is guilty of tampering with physical evidence when:
  1. With intent that it be used or introduced in an official proceeding
or a prospective official proceeding, he (a) knowingly makes, devises or
prepares false physical evidence, or (b) produces or offers such
evidence at such a proceeding knowing it to be false; or
  2. Believing that certain physical evidence is about to be produced or
used in an official proceeding or a prospective official proceeding, and
intending to prevent such production or use, he suppresses it by any act
of concealment, alteration or destruction, or by employing force,
intimidation or deception against any person.
  Tampering with physical evidence is a class E felony.

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