Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence allegations are very common in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Kings, County, New York County, and The Bronx County.  If you have been been charged with a crime concerning domestic violence allegations, you need an experienced domestic violence attorney to provide you aggressive representation.  

Today, most counties in New York have set up courtrooms that handle cases exclusively to allegations of domestic violence.  There are also different counties in New York that have created integrated courtrooms that will handle both criminal law matters and family law matters simultaneously.  The term "domestic violence" is used to describe a variety of criminal offenses  between spouses, ex-spouses, parents and children, boyfriends and girlfriends, domestic partners and people with children in common.

Being convicted of a domestic violence charge can have long lasting negative effects on your ability to obtain employment, own a firearm or even see your children. If you have been charged with the crime of assault or menacing against a family member, you must meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected. 

The judge in your case will be most concerned with ensuring the safety of the alleged victim. Depending upon the relationship of the parties, the judge may order a temporary or permanent no-contact order. If the complainant in your case is the parent of your children, this could result in a difficult situation in terms of custody and visitation. Individuals convicted of domestic violence also have difficulty obtaining or maintaining primary placement of their children and may even lose visitation rights as a result of the conviction.

In addition to the civil penalties described above, you could face an enhanced incarceration period due to present aggravating factors. This may mean you are unable to see your family for weeks or months, unable to maintain your job and be prohibited from continuing your life as before. Domestic violence defendants are many times not permitted to own or possess firearms and many are forced to undergo lengthy anger management courses and counseling as a provision of their sentences.

Too many people accused of domestic violence underestimate the serious, long-term impact such allegations can have on their lives.  Given the life-altering nature of a domestic violence conviction, it is imperative that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who can work to protect your freedom and relationship with your family.  Prosecutor's often care very little about guilt or innocence and are only concerned about securing criminal convictions.

Attorney Michael A. Arbeit has been a Domestic Violence Lawyer in New York State since 1998.  Mr. Arbeit represents clients in all types of domestic violence charges that include spouses, siblings, dating couples, and all types of family members.  Becoming an effective Domestic Violence Attorney is knowing how to read each case individually to get the best results.  There are many legitimate allegations of Domestic Violence.  However, there are many circumstances in which individuals make up false allegations to have another arrested for domestic violence charges.  A Domestic Violence Lawyer will fight to protect their clients rights against false allegations that can occur for numerous reasons such as revenge, the desire to have somebody immediately removed from the household, the desire to gain an unfair advantage in an upcoming and/or ongoing divorce, separation or child custody matter.  It is very important to retain an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney if you are in the unfortunate position of beibng arrested and accused of a crime.                      

If you are facing Domestic Violence charges, call the Law Firm of Michael A. Arbeit, P.C. immediately for a free and confidential consultation.  Mr. Arbeit is a very experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer and will fight for your rights.    


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